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Hello PatF lovers!

I've decided to set up a journal (this one) to write stories about the Princess and the Frog characters, and possibly to roleplay at some point. I'm going to be writing prompts from the prompt community charloft - they're having a winter bingo activity that seems like it would be a lot of fun to do with these characters.

There's only one little story up in this journal right right now, but I made the userinfo all pretty at least if you want to check it out- I'd love to have some friends that are familiar with the movie to let me know if I'm going in the right direction with the characters and if their little bios are accurate.

I've been checking out posts here in the community- I saw the one with the christmas story book (which is awesome) - are there other storybooks folks have posted scans or summaries of? I'd love to have more information about what happens after the movie. Also if there's anything out there about the country Naveen is from - they don't give it much more than a name in the movie, do they? For that matter, they don't even give Naveen or Tiana last names!

Also also - I have some icons that are uncredited - if you made them or know who made them, pls let me know so I can credit.

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